India is known for its diversified culture which holds various religions, languages, rituals and varied colours of humanity. Other than these, there’s a place India is worldwide known for, and it is Mumbai. The dazzling city of lights and infrastructure welcomes you with open hands to let you experience the most of what a city can offer to a visitor. The gleaming city lights and towering buildings, roads full of vehicles having cars stuck at a place, footpaths lacking enough area for people to walk, everything that a city could have to show, this land has most of it.


Being surrounded by sea shore on a majority of its sides, Mumbai incorporates hundreds of beaches with varied nature. Some of them are annoyingly untidy, some are used for the trading purpose and the remaining ones have such an enchanting view to see that they have become a place for wanderers who drop down to Mumbai on vacations or people who have their weekly breaks from jobs. Among such visit-worthy beaches, is the alluring and popular Juhu Chowpati (Juhu Beach).


I, with two of my friends, paid a visit to Juhu Beach this Sunday evening and have spent a quality time which offered much more than just the sand stuck in our pockets and pant folds. Besides being known for the amazing sunset view, Juhu Beach could be a place for tasting the quintessential Indian dishes such as Pav Bhaji, Pani Puri, Kulfi, Falooda, Wada Pav, Masala Chana and various other mouth-waterers. Not to forget the chilling Nariyal Paani (Coconut water). Having said all that, I must inform you that we had kept almost all these dishes on the surface of our tongue which made us fall in love with this place, more than we had loved it earlier.


It is a place to be visited in the evening, at least in this scorching summer as the sun is at its highest temperature in afternoon. We reached around 6 in the evening and the moment we stepped down of the cab, we had wrinkled foreheads since the place was overly crowded because of the day being Sunday. It is a place to be observed for peace of mind but, that’s not possible on weekends as you won’t see any hint of sand because it gets covered under the countless visitors. And, that is something we couldn’t admire too much. Still, having a camera in our hand, we couldn’t stop our self from clicking a few snaps.



After capturing a few visuals of the beach, we decided to douse our gastronomical flame by tasting some dishes offered at the nearest food stalls. We figured out the nearest ones and ordered some Pav Bhaji (a dish consisting of spicy vegetable cooked on the pan with roasted bun). There were varieties of it on the menu, from which I selected Pav Bhaji with double butter and my folks ordered special cheese Pav Bhaji. The photos of them will give you a trailer about their deliciousness and we couldn’t stop our self from licking the fingers at the end.



After having done with the Pav Bhaji, we decided to enter into the lane of food stalls and there was a long trail of them placed in a zigzag manner, offering a variety of foods and deserts. The speciality and uniqueness of this place are that you will be forcefully called by the vendors to visit their stalls as they compete in themselves trying out their best to pull the highest number of customers. And this, after sometimes, start to make you confused and annoyed wondering which place to visit and what to have. Finally, after getting drooled by the amazing posters of deserts and staring at people were enjoying them, we finally called out for Kulfi Rabdi (sweet dense milk made by boiling it for a long time) and Rose Baraf Gola (Crushed ice moulded into sphere dipped in the flavoured beverage). All three of us were fighting to have the most of it and were trying to acquire the biggest bite, it was so tasty, I must say.



This Sunday, with its numerous food wonders and beautiful sea view, has shown us an iconic side of Mumbai which I was missing over the last few months, since when I have migrated here. I am sure the fun does not end here and, with every passing day, we will explore more spots of this city, which offers more energetic time-spending venues.


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