The urge for curtailing the pollution has been a global focus over the past few years, new emission norms for vehicles has been a notable result of it. The bikemakers in various countries are trying to stick to the new rules which eventually has made them upgrade their older offerings. The new norms for the engines, for Europe, has been kicked off from 1st January, after which all the mills should be the upgraded ones and the upto-125cc bikes have to come with ABS.

Due to these incidents taking place, a few manufacturers are shutting down production of their 600cc bikes including Honda, which stopped production of its CBR 600RR. Also, Kawasaki might do the same with the ZX-6R and Suzuki with its GSX-R600 in the near future. But, the latter is expected to resume the production of its impactful legendary motorcycle, the GSX-R750, as per the news on xBhp. It was the first production bike strapped on the aluminium frame and, in 1985, having such bike in the market was a big deal.

If the Suzuki GSX-R750 enters into the market, besides completing the company’s need of a middle-weight sports bike, it will make for a tough competitor in its segment. Reportedly, the launch could take place by early 2019 or end of 2018 with upgraded looks and cycle parts. Inspiration will surely be the new GSX-R1000 as per the cosmetics are concerned.


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