After the successful Scrambler range, Ducati has now made something for those wanting for more. The new cafe racer might carry the Scrambler name but purpose is on a different side.


Ducati Scramble has been a great choice for riders willing to go off the road quite often along with prowling over the tarmac. The company has now a new excitement within this range in the name of cafe-racer which draws major design resemblances to its scrambler siblings but has upped features and cycle parts, besides opulent looking elements adorn on it.

Let’s have a look at what those blokes have to say who have had the privilege to ride it.

Look it from a distance and you may get confused about it being a scrambler, but with those chunky wheels and clip ons, the difference could be spotted. It might take a minute to realise that it actually is a cafe-racer built for dominating city traffic and rocketing along the corners. The overall look has a major appeal which takes your attention towards the dense metal comprising engine with two pipes moving away from each other and angular frame. The broad tyres make up nicely with the upswept and minuscule tail.


Other components which complete the bike are the bar-end mirrors, right-side-mounted round instrument cluster, Number plate holder on rear tyre hugger, golden shining alloys and under-seat cowl with 54 number inscribed on it.

Get astride it and have a spin, you will instantly notice the gradual sprint power which makes it suitable for novice high-end bike riders. Not just that, the power delivery is menacing as well, enough to thrill an experienced rider. Riding on a straight tarmac is no drama and escaping a corner gets you quickly back on the previous speed. And, all this energetic driving force comes from an 803cc, air-cooled, L-twin engine which lays out 75 BHP of power.


Handling and comfort go smooth with the power delivery. The wide handlebar is quite easy to reach and its combination with rear set and low-level footpegs holds you for long without hurting your knees. Above all, these set up makes for a combo which makes it effortless to flick from divider to footpath in traffic or having some zigzag fun astride it. Clutching, shifting and revving require the shortest time and respond promptly in an agile way. As for the seats, you might accept it with ease initially, a few minutes passed, and your butt would want to have a break.


According to those who have ridden it, the brakes are placed too high to comfortably step on it and apply. That, on a long run, may affect your leg joints resulting in a cramped ankle. Speeding it up off the hairpin bends may feel loose if you are in a mood of adrenaline rush as the initial power delivery has a graph which flows up dampingly.

Having said all that, the tiny glitches are not a big thing to worry. The quirky looks with the meticulously designed engine and body, shrouded in an alluring combo of black and golden paint job have all the abilities to turn a huge number of heads. Also, the riding quality will have you grinning at various instances.


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