BMW Motorrad has officially entered into India and we review the specifications of top offering from this fleet- the BMW S 1000 RR.


Litre-class superbike market has built its niche around the globe including every country, every continent. All the leading bike makers have their feet in this segment with a powerful, lavishing and high-tech motorcycle. Germans have been known to make marvels into the automotive industry and the S 1000 RR is one of them. Power, electronics, looks, features, you name it and it will stand holding it for you.

After being in the global market for several years, Indians were still deprived with these bikes and had to consult a dealer who would import it demanding a fortune. But now, since the company might have observed a potential in this nation’s motorcycle enthusiasm, they have finally dropped down officially in India with all their offerings.


The BMW S 1000 RR is a 1000cc track focussed bike with sharp design and top notch power cling into it. Being launched in 2009, it became among the top preferences of the superbike riders for its competitiveness as compared to other segmented bikes. After six years of its launch, it received an update which included 4 kg of weight shedding and power hike by 6 PS which upped the game further. Also, the list of added new features consisted Dynamic damping control and refreshed steering built.


Styling is a constituent where this litre-class behemoth stands out. It is not too bulky and every bit looks to be meticulously chiselled. The large flying visor comes down to end into a huge triangular air vent. On either side of this vent, tucked inside are two dissimilar headlamps, one being round unit and other is an extended hexagonal one. Step a little back and the fairing is a minimalistic fibre cowl which is huge enough to cover half of the engine incorporating minute sharp vents. Peeking out the engine is a humongous looking exhaust which has twin pipes. The sharp tail section holds a large tail lamp which goes nicely with the whole proportion.


Electronically, the BMW S 1000 RR greets you with more than you would expect from it. The High-level traction control adjusts itself depending on the riding mode or you can set it manually as per the riding platform.  Rain, Sport and Race are three riding modes which are accompanied by two optional modes- Slick and Individual. A feature known as Shift assist pro might sound unusual as with the help of which you can shift the gear, high or low, without using the clutch. The suspension senses various factors such as banking and traction, depending on which it adjusts itself. Cornering ABS, Launch control, wheelie control and rear wheel lift mitigation are too on the list of amazing feature.


The S 1000 RR was purposefully built to perform in World Superbike Championship and it could be experienced on the road-going commercial offerings. Sharpened rake angle, lowered swingarm pivot and improved frame were a few changes adorned on the bike in 2015 update. The front and rear suspension can be adjusted for altering the damping, compression and rebound. The Pirelli Diablo Supercorsa SP tyres stop with the help of 320 mm disc with radially mounted four-piston callipers on the front and 220mm disc working in unison with single piston calliper.


Now, talking about the high-end motor it runs on, the 999cc inline-four is capable of generating 199 PS of power which comes at 13,500 RPM and, it kindly demands you to go easy and unchildish with the throttle. It is torquey as well, having 113 Nm of rotational force at 10,500 RPM. Having such motorcycles in India is a thing to celebrate. Moreover, the whole fleet has been welcomed in here which, we hope, will do a great business.


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