The upcoming adventure tourer from BMW gets lighter swingarm and frame which makes it more rideable and efficient.


After the BMW F 800 GS, the German bikemaker is getting itself ready to take the game a notch higher with the higher capacity F 900 GS which has been spotted without any camouflage. According to the pictures acquired, the company, in the backend, is testing the motorcycle in full swing and after satisfying results, we could see it anytime this year. Several changes have been made to it as compared to its lower capacity sibling.

Among these changes are the aluminium alloy frame and swingarm with the rigid subframe which makes it more inclined towards its purpose of crossing terrains seamlessly with panniers full of luggage. Fuel tank and the seat will now tuck effortlessly between the rider’s legs as they have become narrower for providing light handling and comfortable riding. Changes have also been executed on the rear end with the chain and exhaust being on the inverse sides as compared to the F 800 GS.

Unlike the test bike, the outgoing models will come with elongated windscreen and handle guards which were absent on the spotted ones. As for the engine, the power figures aren’t known yet, but as we know, the F 800 GS generates 86 PS and 83 Nm from the 798cc engine, the elder counterpart will churn out somewhat higher.



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