Suzuki has proved itself as a competitive two-wheeler retailer with its production of 3 millionth vehicle in India. The manufacturing took place at the company’s Gurgaon plant and the vehicle was the Suzuki Access 125. It is one the most adopted scooters by Indian riders belonging to all age group starting from youngsters to senior citizens. The company has been in great demand for a while with its affordable and attractive offerings.

The Japanese bikemaker, when dropped down its nimble and sharp Gixxer 150, made a lot of bucks since the bike made for a powerful and stylish offering with those chunky wheels and minimalistic design. And, then came its faired counterpart, the Gixxer SF, which followed the same trend of being a likeable motorcycle making the company grow even higher in terms of sales.

All these events summed up for the success of Suzuki which made the manufacturing keep going with great pace and, resultantly, this milestone of 3 millionth vehicle has been achieved.  Along with the making of bikes, Suzuki has kept its eyes on retailing as well and spread the dealership reach to a wide area. As for the future, the company is planning to increase the production capacity higher which is 5,40,000 at present.

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