BMW has unveiled its race-spec superbike in the production-ready model at the Auto Shanghai 2017, China. The aspect of the bike which grabbed a lot of attention all over is that it’s being built using carbon fibre for the majority of its parts. Having similar specs to that of the company’s WSBK bike, its weighs comparatively much lesser with top notch electronic features.

The cycle parts which are made up of carbon fibre include the main frame, rear frame and wheels. Not using the conventional alloys has made the wheels weigh 30 % lighter.  All these engineering has made the bike immensely light weighted being just 171 kg when filled with gasoline. The power figures cross all the barriers of being one of the fastest superbikes with 212 BHP at 13,900 RPM and 88.5 Nm of torque at 9,000 RPM.

Buyers will have to take this into consideration that it will be only permitted to be ridden on track and not on the roads. That’s owing to its power which might prove dangerous in the city or on highways. It comes loaded with electronics consisting of Dynamic traction control, Engine Braking and Wheelie control which can be programmed on the 2D instrument dashboard as per the riders choice. All the other premium features come loaded on the bike making it close to the ongoing special edition superbikes in the market.

As much the machine is opulent and powerful, so is its price tag as it comes with whooping price tag of £68,000 and the prime competition is the Ducati Superleggera. However, the latter is not track-legal only.



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