We put a glimpse on what the testers of MCN have to say about the Benelli TRK 502 and the response is quite disheartening.


The Benelli TRK 502 has lit flames of hope within the riders across the world indicating that finally, a nice half-litre adventure tourer has arrived in the show. Unfortunately, that doesn’t seem to be the case with the new offering from the Italian bikemaker. That, we have to know after peeking into the MCN’s first ride review which shows a damp response from the testers who rode it. A trail of criticisms can be witnessed on the website about the bike.

The biggest drawback which the Benelli TRK 502 possesses is the weight which is too far from how much a middleweight ADV of this type should have. And this weight when synchronised with the power delivery, is a mess to hang around with. The figure stands at 235 kg while the power delivery is of 47 BHP. While riding it around the mountains and on the inclines, where it has been made for, the motorcycle displays a poor show with the humongous struggle it goes while climbing. The motor finds it difficult to pull the whole bike along with the rider and that, while riding, could be felt within a second.


Also, the power delivery has not been distributed in a particular rev range. The entire range consists of the similar power distribution which is intensely unenthusiastic. Comparing it to its main rival, the Honda CB500X, which weighs 196 kgs and carries the same power of 47BHP, rides a lot more briskly on rough terrains and mountains.


The other factor of the Benelli TRK 502 which would take away your interest from the bike instantly is the horrifying braking performance. The lack of bite could be felt while trying to put it at halt from high speed. While braking, it makes you feel that the callipers aren’t able to catch the wheels spontaneously after hitting the brake. You might get skid to a distance if the roads are even minutely slippery. Moreover, the ABS provided by Bosch, which are meant to be one of the world’s best ABS providers, doesn’t impress and feels outdated.

Talking about the handling, that was yet another feature which kept the testers from wanting to ride it more. Munching the twisties was not at all a good thing to do on this bike as the front end felt quite isolated since the frame may not have been designed with that perspective.


Putting some lights on the acceptable aspects of the Benelli TRK 502, it gets a good seat which accommodates the rider comfortably. The material by which it has been made doesn’t let your waist demand frequent breaks while riding and a proper amount of width gives more space to move on it. And, the long visor bravely protects you from the frantic blow of wind while being on high pace on the highways. The saddle height of 800mm of bike eliminates the inconvenience of the short statured riders who can now step both their legs on the ground comfortably and it also makes it easy to control on sudden stops.

There was not more to talk about the desirable points of the Benelli TRK 500. However, a majority of enthusiasts will be enchanted by the beefy looks it has got. Well, it is obvious, as if Italians have the monopoly on the business of making beautiful machines.



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