Royal Enfield has opened a dealership in Brazil in the Sao Paulo city which is the second proper outlet from the bike maker outside India. Being the fourth largest motorcycle seller in the world, this is the first dealership from the Indian manufacturer in Brazil. Motorcycles on offer are the flagship models from the company which includes Bullet 500, Classic 500 and Continental GT.

Royal Enfiled Brazil, the subsidiary of Indian bikemaker, will be looking after all the sales related activities starting from the marketing of the products to providing the aftersales services. Claudio Giusti has been put on the job of country manager for supervising all the process of distribution and services. As for the offering list, only three flagship models have been jotted down and the 350cc bikes are kept for the future entry, perhaps.

Royal Enfield, in India, has marked itself as one of the leading motorcycle brand since years. This is apparent with the company’s annual growth rate of 50 percent over the last six years. Looking at the sales chart, the figures have been witnessed overly impressive with the figures of 6,60,000 units being delivered to the customers during FY 2016-17. Having a vision to grow with time, the company focuses on hiking the record to 9,00,000 units per year.



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