For all the long distance and adventure riders, here is your chance to compete with many others similar to you. Malle London is going to kick off a 4 days rally event starting from the northern peak of Scotland and will end at the southern Cornwall.  To be called as The Great Mile 2017, the journey will cover over 1000 miles of distance which will last for estimated 72 hours and the bikes invited to be ridden are customs, classics and cafe racers. Maximum 100 bikes in total can take part in the event.

The organiser focusses on making the journey interesting and thrilling rather than enthralling the riders to win it. Commencing at Scotland, the participants will ride through Wales ending at England. For guiding them along the journey, three checkpoints will be placed at different locations.With the help of GPS tracker, which will be mounted on the motorcycles, the position of the riders will be continuously kept tracking by the jury. Those facing any mechanical or physical problems during the rally will be assisted by a support truck.

Malle London has also published a video which shows a quick glimpse of the journey with a few essential factors such as the eligible motorcycle types, duration of the rally, locations and the likes. The video surely enchants the rider within and beckons all the enthusiasts to take part in the event which would be memorable for the lifetime.

Check the official website of Malle London for bookings and choose the best suitable package for you. All the essential facilities will be provided by the company and also you can have your motorcycle transported to the start point.


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