Indian Police force needs to implement better strategies for curtailing the crimes increasing by the day. Among these strategies, evolving the way of transport plays a vital role since these days even a normal commuter prowls on a high-capacity and powerful vehicle. Meanwhile, it has been reported that the Kolkata police has received a complete group of a few Harley-Davidson motorcycles, the model being the Street 750.

Detailed information has not yet been circulated regarding the number of bikes and the firm which will be put on works to modify them. However, looking back to 2015 when Gujarat police were granted the Harley-Davidson bikes, Nine Bridges was the organisation which had got the responsibility of executing the customising of motorcycles as per the department needs.

Talking about the bike to accompany the Kolkata police, Harley-Davidson Street 750 carries a 749cc twin-cylinder mill which is a torque-y piece of machine with the figure of 59 Nm. The price tag with which the Street 750 is retailed in India is for Rs. 4.98 lakhs (ex-showroom).

Apparently, the Indian government is becoming keen towards the issues that Police department faces and is seeking a revolution in the work culture. Opting for such high-capacity motorcycle will ultimately lead to making the thieves nervous about getting into their business as the police will be faster in the chasing job.


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