America saw Marc Marquez winning for the fifth time on its land chopping the strongest contender Maverick Vinales, who crashed out of the race with a misfortunate tumble. Finishing second was the legend, Valentino Rossi, who fought his best to stay in top three despite getting away from the track after being bumped by Johan Zarco.

Dani Pedrosa started on the lead with Marquez following him. Behind was Rossi, and Vinales and Jorge Lorenzo fought head to head for a short span till when Vinales overtook. At a moment, in the urge of leading Rossi, Vinales tried to push his limits which resulted in a lost control and took the rider away from the race with a crash.

Johan Zarco made efforts to speed up and cross Rossi which resultantly had the latter go off the track for a few meters. But, the expertise of the legend came into the picture and the rider briskly regained the flow into the race but received 0.3 seconds of extra time added to the total race time as a penalty.

Amidst all this, the Honda team-mates, Marquez and Pedrosa went through a small clash for a short span trying to get the lead when suddenly Rossi came from nowhere and got stuck at the second position with Pedrosa getting left behind on third. Even after having a penalty time of 0.3 seconds, Valentino Rossi did overcome the extra time and held the second position while Marc Marquez continued to push and ended the race with a smooth wheelie, grabbing the fifth consecutive win on the American track.

As per overall performance till now including all races yet, Valentino Rossi has a bucket filled with 56 points being the leader, Maverick Vinales holds 50 points standing on the second position while Marquez is at third with 38 points.



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