Riding a Kawasaki Ninja H2 at the speed of 368 kmph, Rickey Gadson made a memorable record at the Texas Mile event. The motorcycle consisted of a tweaked engine which was demanded by a customer who yearned an unusually powerful Ninja H2. Rickey Gadson, 11 times AMA drag racing champion, took the bike into his own hands and made the required alterations to the motor of the bike and got it ready for the record.

The power figures of the motorcycle, after making the changes, hiked at hefty 323 BHP which comes as 210 BHP on the stock model. For testing the power, Rickey had run the bike 100 times on dyno to be assured that it has reached the desired level. Elements fitted for making it a swift monster were RG62 Performance Plus supercharger kit, ported cylinder heads, extra custom camshafts and Woolich racing gearbox.

Not that the drag racing champion rode the bike at that record-breaking speed in the first attempt itself. The first day went quite tough with the rear tyre spinning uncontrollably at the initial gears and somewhat similar was the second day. On the third day as well, the rider struggled during the initial rounds but the fitment of aerodynamic wings made him break the clutter and fly at the winding fast pace of 368 kmph.



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