Volkswagen is looking forward to taking its hands off the motorcycle brand Ducati which it had owned since 2012.  As reported by some trustworthy officials, the automobile giant is willing to turn its attention towards other development which looks to have a more future scope. Audi, which is a part of VW, had purchased the Italian bikemaking firm by paying a total cost of 860 million euros.

Followed by the emission scandal of the Volkswagen, the organisation is eyeing towards a complete overhaul of the products and other work-related strategies. Reportedly, with the help of the bucks which will be received by the sale of Ducati, the Wolfsburg-based automaker will invest it in innovation and development of electric cars.

For the evaluation process of Ducati, the investment banking firm Evercore has been put on works. After the whole tax deduction and other expenses, it has been estimated that the Italian motorcycle company had an annual income of 100 million euros. However, the valuation of the company is calculated far more than this and it could be sold out for over 1.5 billion euros.

The leading targetted brands for handing over the rights of Ducati are Hero from India, some automotive company from China and, Aston Martin as well. Additionally, the reporting officials have shown their doubtfulness regarding the interest of few other companies such as Harley-Davidson, Honda, Suzuki and Kawasaki.


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