Between June 14 to 16, Biarritz, which is a town in France, will become lively with the loud growls of vintage motorcycles since a group of riders will be dragging their bikes atop the hill. Known as Wheels and Waves, the festival is in its sixth year’s version and is calling riders from all over the world to compete in taking their motorcycles over the crest of the hill.

For raising the glory of the event with their presence will be renowned retro and vintage motorcycle brands BMW, Harley-Davidson and Yamaha with their old-school trendy models. Also taking part will be Ronald Sands and Dimitri Costa, backed by Indian motorcycles, who will be showing some action on their custom bikes especially built for the event.

The 5-day vivacious festival doesn’t just entertain the motorcyclists, but also surfers get a chance to show their mesmerising surfing capabilities on their boards. The hill lies on the sea shore and a bunch water activities take place every year. The former surfer, Tom Curren will be the centre of attraction who will be playing some energising music, which is a profession he is pursuing these days.

If all the upcoming drama about to take place at Wheels and Waves enthrals you then you must hurry with the planning to visit. Taking part in the hill racing event should be a quick move owing to the limited entries being accepted, only 64.



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