With its retro styling and nostalgic riding capabilities, cafe racers reside in a corner of every motorcyclist’s heart. Most of the bikemakers have at least one such bike in their portfolio and so does Royal Enfield. The Continental GT is the cafe racer themed offering from the British firm which was launched a few years back in India. But, since then, not many riders chose this one among the RE fleet and resultantly, the sales have been consistently degrading.

Meant for making classic motorcycles with old styled engine and specs, the Royal Enfield has only the Continental GT with the most modern technology. However, the riders don’t seem to be in the favour with this, and which is the reason why this cafe racer could be rarely seen on roads.

Talking about the numbers, in February this year, only 26 units of the Continental GT were sold followed by just 15 units in the month of march. Other motorcycles lying in the same price bracket, such as KTM Duke 390, did far better in the same months.

Despite Royal Enfield claiming the Continental GT as the lightest and most powerful machine, apparently, it doesn’t satisfy the customer demands. Could this be the end of the journey for the cafe racer in India? Let sit back and watch.


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