Cheers for the most adopted scooter in India, the Honda Activa, for being the highest sold moped in the country. As per the reports obtained, the scooter’s 1.5 crore units are being sold, which is far high than any other two-wheeler available in India. The same numbered Activa was rolled out from the plant by the Honda’s CEO and president which made for a celebration within the organisation.

Turning the pages back to the history of Indian two-wheelers, it becomes evident that it stands as the only scooter to break the selling record of all motorcycles. Launched in 2001, the Honda Activa showed its aura in the very first year by acquiring sales of 55,000 units. Then, the graph went on inclining up and in 2012-13, 12.05 lakh units were sold which was a milestone achievement in itself. Now, leaving the runner-up by a total 2.09 units behind, the Honda Activa bags the crown of India’s highest sold scooter by being delivered to 1.5 crore customers.

The president and CEO of Honda expressed his joy and said that the country is moving towards scooters rapidly, so is the world. Anticipating a better future for mopeds, the spokesperson added that every city will soon start living with the scooter lifestyle.




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