Let’s move on from the real world of biking for a while and, give a moment to praise some of the alluring designing marvels of the world. MCN has got a list of concept motorcycles which are inspired by cars. This shows, the designers of the motorcycles don’t just show their talent on those which we get to ride, but their imagination is far ahead than what we can think. And, that’s the result of this handful of beauties which come up from their sketch pads.

Let’s take a look at them one by one and have our jaws drop on every glimpse.

Porsche 618:


Based on the Porche 911 Turbo, the odd looking thing above is a fully electric motorcycle, named as 618. The suspension has been made in a futuristic way replacing the USD and Telescopic with car-like setup and, has the hub centre steering geometry. Power delivery is estimated at around 160 BHP, as per the company.

Ferrari V4:


Red makes for an instant identity of Ferrari but something like this is hard to digest. Starting from sharp front to rear, only the gleaming red panel is visible consisting of the wide air intake and extra giant tyres. However, what it hides inside is something to talk about. It mimics the engine of Ferrari Enzo, although a smaller capacity version and the hand controls are derived from F-16 Fighter jet. Also, the aura is the buttons are taken from the company’s Formula 1 race car.



Coming next from the fictitious future is the Koenigsegg, which has been crated by Russian designer Maxim Burov, who desires the engine to be of combustion type. The body coloured front suspension and under seat broad exhaust are surely adding to the beauty of the behemoth.

Alfa Romeo Spirito:


The designer of this long and quirky creature has gone too far with the liberty to make concepts. That, I could say because it has a single tyre. Body shrouded in Alfa Romeo red colour houses the engine under the giant front body which transforms in being transparent while moving at the rear. Sorry, but it would take years for such things to come to life.

Lotus C 01:


Not that all concepts fail to make it to production. The best example is the Lotus C 01, 100 units of which has already been taken out of the production facility and are tested. Created by Daniel Simon, the swashbuckler looking motorcycle clinches a 1195cc V-twin motor under its belly, carried from the KTM RC8R,  and lays out whopping 175 BHP of power. Cycle parts used are premium, obviously, with Ohlins suspensions and Brembo brakes.





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