CCM had previously launched the spitfire which possessed a unique character and got admired by many. Only 150 units were rolled out after which every single bike managed to grab a buyer. With the favourable response from the masses, the company intended to go further and get to work to prepare a new Scrambler based on the Spitfire. Hopefully, this will hold the reputation of the firm and go through a lot of admiration with its minimalistic body language.

Although a rapid glimpse on both the CCM bikes might give you an illusion of them being similar, the scrambler is quite monstrous in nature. It looks all set to jump off the road with those knobby tyres and higher handlebars. Suspension travel has been increased which are also adjustable and, resultantly, the ground clearance has moved a few mm above the ground as compared to the earlier Spitfire. The hand-made steel trellis frame has retained, albeit the subframe has been contorted in a different way. Below this subframe, a pair of gun barrel-like exhaust run till the extreme rear end.

Braking duties are loyally handled by the Brembo unit. Carried forward from the flat-tracker sibling is the 600cc engine which delivers 55 BHP of power. The weight of the bike, being minimal 123kg, could rather make the rider feel like flying while darting over various terrain. By the end of this year, the CCM husky will start to be produced and will be followed by an official launch at a motorcycle event.




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