Royal Enfiled proved itself as one of the most rapidly growing bikemakers in India with its highest recorded monthly sales in the previous month. In April, the company sold 60,000 units of its bikes and the counting has never been this high. With its handful of amazing classic bikes, the company is on the right path of attracting almost all the age group riders with its old-school design and thumping sound.

To split the sales figure precisely, 58,564 units of motorcycles were sold locally in India and 1578 units were exported outside. Among all the offerings, the most favourite Classic 350 stood has the leader with fetching sales of 40,000 units. Remaining buyers were acquired by Thunderbird 350 and 500 which play the role of the idle cruiser with extreme comfort and excellent torque.

On the other hand, the Royal Enfield Himalayan and Continental GT showed a gloom performance by seeing very few buyers. Perhaps, the bikes don’t satisfy the purpose which riders seek in RE motorcycles. As for the Continental GT, speculations have been flowing that the company might halt its production. However, a new 700cc cafe racer might arrive into the market which will be a large capacity sibling of the outgoing model.

Royal Enfield’s various moves to increase its consumer reach at international level, starting from North American dealership commenced in 2015 to the recent Brazilian subsidiary, it is the perfect indicator of the brand’s advancement towards becoming a leading bikemaker at world level.

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2 thoughts on “Royal Enfield Sold 60,000 Units, Highest Monthly Sales Ever

  1. I thought the Royal Enfield Himalayan may be my new cycle but after some research I heard they were having some quality issues. Have you heard any truth to this or is it just haters hating???


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