Apart from the testing equipment mounted on the pillion seat, the spied 1290 Super Duke GT sports some new parts with slight tweaks.


KTM 1290 Super Duke GT has been caught on camera by the folks of MCN while it was undergoing testing. The purpose of the testing was related to noise and emission, as has been assumed looking at the instruments clinched on the motorcycle. Since the motorcycle manufacturers around the world are yearning to make their bikes omit clean emissions, so is the KTM. However, it looks quite strange as it has been barely a year that the company had launched the 1290 Super Duke GT, perhaps it is yet another step towards consistently updating the products.

Besides all the equipment placed on the test mule,  various other minimal alterations can also be spotted over the current model. Starting from the front, the visor has been widened and seems little elongated in height which comes down to end in a peeking out headlamp, which resembles a litchi, half peeled off its cover. The handguard also appears a bit sharper from sides, so does it looks for the whole body portions.

As anticipated, the bike is not going to show itself off before us anytime soon and the official launch could take place sometime near 2019. And, when it does gets unveiled, we can predict some more changes executed on the machine. The company, as of now, is tight-lipped about providing any details regarding the upcoming models but have given a rough idea that the offerings are constantly in hands of their boffins for improvement.


Source – Motorcyclenews.com


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