Where Honda has crossed the 5.5 lakh unit sales mark, Hero has struggled with a fall in sales by 3.4 percent in the market.


In the race of two-wheeler sales in India, Hero Motor Corp has been leading over the past many years. With its highly economical and reliable 2-wheelers, the company has always managed to acquire the trust of Indian buyers. However, time changes and nothing is permanent. This clearly goes for Hero which is sensing a competitor getting too close to it, which is the Japanese bikemaker, Honda.

Honda has seen tremendous success with sales that is getting better by the day. Enjoying the booming sales of Activa, the company has, in last month, broke its own record of monthly sales by fetching around 5.5 lakh buyers in India. If we put both competitors on the scale for comparison, Honda is behind by minimal 33,810 units to that of the Hero Moto Corp. Individually, Honda has come a long way in the journey and its graph has risen up by 33 percent.

Scooters have always been a weapon of Honda to combat its rivals which proved out vivid when sales of Honda scooters reached the milestone of 3.5 lakh units. Whereas, the overall sales of Hero was seen dwindling gradually with reported fall of 3.4 percent.

As for the future, Honda has bright plans with an aim to have 6 lakhs units manufactured every month from June this year. Also, they have officially announced that four new offerings will be entering in India by their side. On the other hand, Hero is gearing up to launch an updated model of the Glamour.


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