The new emission norms getting operational had a huge impact on the sales of two-wheelers in India and resulted in a gloom loss faced by the manufacturers. The estimated amount of loss faced by these two-wheeler companies has been accounted over Rs. 600 crores, which would take too long to recover. The BS IV emission norms were made compulsorily applicable on 1st April 2017, two days before which a majority of the brands offered unbelievable discounts in the effort of clearing as much BS III vehicles as possible before the deadline.

Among various other bikemakers, Honda was the one who offered a moped free on buying a 150cc motorcycle. Also, its high capacity bikes were retailed with the discount of over 40 percent. Customers in a massive number exploded at the dealerships to grab their rides with the discounted price.

Last time the new emission norms were kicked off in 2010 when BS III norms came into play. Then, on 1 April 2016, the government announced new emission norms to be considered and since then a few motorcycles had started to come with engines compliant to the new norms. Until 1st April 2017, when it was a compulsion to stop selling older engine vehicles, there were in total 8 lakhs 2-wheelers in stock with the companies.

All these incidents taking place arose the consequences of heavy loss faced by the 2-wheeler manufacturers which will probably be recovered with the further course of time.



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