Motoball exists since WW1, MCN festival of motorcycling is all set to show you how it is done.


Having a great interest in football, besides being a motorcycles enthusiast, I haven’t ever wondered to merge these things into one activity, have you? I am sure you haven’t. And what would it be called if we play football while astride a motorcycle? I guess, Motoball.

I am not a pioneer to come up with this creative idea since a game like this already exists and it is going to be showcased at the Carole Nash MCN festival of motorcycling. Hayes and Southall MCC Motoball are the clubs from the UK going to showcase this game at the event. Surprisingly, these are the only existing group of people who practise this bizarre sports on a regular basis after it was stopped being played in 1990.

Peeking back into the history of Motoball, In 1930, it became popular after the WW1 when a few riders in Europe started playing it on the ex-war department bikes. After which, it was started to be considered as an official sport adopted by many. After a course of time, there were around 125 teams across Europe who actively participated in the events related to Motoball. After a hiatus of several years, Hayes and Southall clubs are back with this disappearing sport.

Regarding the basics of the game, there are two teams competing against each other, each consisting of four riders. On a 250 cc motorcycle, specially built for this game with short travel suspension, small tyres and ball guards, riders of both the team try to kick the ball into the opponent’s goal dodging off through the opponent motorcyclists.

Widely famous in countries including France, Germany, Russia, Belarus and the Netherlands, Motoball will be showcased at the MCN festival of motorcycling at Peterborough Arena on 13-14 May. Camping at this event would be the best idea, tickets for which you can acquire here.



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