Honda has revealed its mini bike the Monkey 125 at the Vietnam Motorcycle show and it looks extremely quirky and cool. The company had given prior indications last year in September by the images of the bike being patented and, in flesh, it’s not very altered. Honda already has a bike of this genre, the MSX 125, popularly known as the Grom. The Monkey 125 is based on the same bike sharing numerous cycle parts.

The tiny and broad wheels, discs and front suspension have been shared with the older sibling. It incorporates tweaked rear shock, which is a dual spring unit contrary to that of the mono shock on the MSX 125. Also, the subframe has been used with the varied character being made of tubular material. Engine specs are not disclosed yet. Albeit, if other similarities are to be taken into account, the engine might as well be the same as used on MSX 125 producing 9.8 BHP.

As far as dimensions are concerned, it is made larger than the company’s other mini bike, the Z50. The Honda Monkey 125 measures 1760mm in length and 1010mm in wheelbase. The size of wheels is 12 inches which are Maxxis Tortuga tyres. The short statured Monkey 125 looks attention seeking with the dazzling body work and paint job. The seat looks to be designed for comfortable plying with broad width and the handlebars would be easily reachable.

After the commendable success of the MSX 125, Honda seems to be inspired a lot and yearns to go further into the uncharted territories. In 2015, 1000 units of MSX 125 were sold in the UK which proved to be more successful than other Honda two-wheelers in the country. The launch duration of the Monkey 125 is still uncertain yet we can expect it to arrive by the end of this year.



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