India has surpassed the neighbouring country China in the competition of two wheeler sales with the lead of huge number.  In terms of domestic sales and export, India has traded 31.28 lakh units more as compared to China in the fiscal year 2016-17. However, the reason for China showing damp performance in motorcycle and scooter sales could be reckoned as the growing adoption of cars in the country.

As per the report obtained, India sold, in total, 2 crore units of two wheelers which include motorcycles and scooter both. On the other side, China managed to acquire 1.68 crore customers for the respective units in the same year. These sales, when compared to the previous year’s business, was estimated to be lower by 10.8 percent. This resulted in the aforementioned difference which makes India, not only in comparison with China but a leader of the two-wheeler market across the globe.

Contribution to this milestone achievement was from almost all the leading Indian bikemakers including Honda, Royal Enfield, Bajaj and the top performer Hero Moto Corp. Notable sales hike was witnessed from the side of Honda, the company which showed prominent growth, especially in respect to the sales of its scooters.

Several reasons are involved in the increasing sales in Indian two wheeler market. People are more attracted towards the bikes and scooters due to its frugality and hassle-free maintenance. Besides, youngster’s growing enthusiasm towards high performance and attractive bikes is making them spend a good amount on their desired offering.

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