Volkswagen has got hit hard in the past due to its emission scandal which made it undergo a huge loss. Resultantly, as came up earlier, the car manufacturer is planning to sell the Italian motorcycle brand Ducati which is owned by VW’s daughter company Audi. There were several brands in the lineup who were willing to Purchase Ducati for 1.5 billion euro, which is its estimated value. Now, the classic bike manufacturer, Royal Enfield is reported to be looking forward to owning the heritage Italian motorcycle company.

For the sake of development of some new technological cars, VW is planning to sell a few of its owned vehicle companies and the money obtained will be invested in the R&D. Among these, Ducati is the brand which has been eyed by many. Along with Royal Enfield, various other Indian companies such as Hero Moto Corp were the prospective buyers since Ducati holds a huge value of being an iconic and one of the most admired motorcycle company.

On the other hand, Royal Enfield has been witnessing rapid growth in terms of sales, especially in the Indian market. While other Indian companies such as Bajaj and TVS have moved forward with collaboration with foreign brands, Royal Enfield will further stimulate its value by owning such a bike making firm which has an immense enthusiasm withing riders across the world.


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