From 2019, you might see racing of electric motorcycles which will run at the top speed of over 200 kmph. Yes, it has been officially announced by the spokesperson of Dorna, the company which organises the MotoGP, Moto3 and Moto2 races. It will the MotoGP support class and the bikes will incorporate electric engines to be charged with the help of solar panels. It will be a one-make series and the manufacturer has not been selected yet, however, four firms have already shown interest.

With the top speed 200 kmph, these motorcycles will be competitive to the Moto3 bikes in term of power delivery. Five tracks are on their way to be developed in Europe for these races. The race will comprise of 10 laps and 18 riders will be competing against each other in the race. Contrary to those growling and loud MotoGP bikes, these electric race bikes will be calm with the sound and this might disappoint some of the motorsports lovers.

The growing adoption of electric motors signals towards a future with all electric bikes. Presently, Formula 1 series and Isle of Man TT, both have a series which comprises of electric vehicles. It would be interesting to see the racing action of electrically powered MotoGP bikes, albeit we’ll have to wait till 2019.



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