The technology used in motorcycles have been evolving since years to improve the power delivery with the efficiency in terms of refinement and frugality. The future of bikes appears to move even further with respect to the engine and the next big thing is turbo mill.

Suzuki, at the 2013 Toky Motor Show, unveiled the Recursion concept bike which consisted of forced induction system with intercooler located near the rear wheel. The engine of the Recursion was a 588cc twin cylinder unit employing SOHC. The turbo concept of Suzuki went on another level at the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show where the company displayed the XE7.

The XE7 looked to have taken the turbo concept a step ahead while it was fitted with the engine without having used extra space for it. It flaunted the DOHC head and the experts judged more power crammed into it.  Power and torque figures of these turbo bikes could be expected at par with those middleweight and litre class bikes. However, exact estimations cannot be made right now.

The Recursion consisted of the aluminium frame which got later replaced by trellis rods. This trellis frame might assist the forced-induction setup to make way through the hollow space of the frame for the air transfer.

Several patents and concepts from Suzuki show the company is moving briskly towards the turbo technology. This, resultantly, could greet us very soon with a production model of a turbo motorcycle which, keeping with the emission norms, will embrace performance enthusiasts.


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