After showing commendable performance in GP3 events, Arjun Maini has been inducted as Haas F1 Team’s New Development Driver.


Haas, the latest entrant in Formula 1 racing world, has got its drivers for the development program, one of which is an Indian GP3 racer. Arjun Maini, 19 years old, is the new driver elected to be a part of the company’s development section. The Indian racer has replaced Charles Leclerc and will be putting himself at the task of testing and boosting the quality of Haas’s F1 race car VF 17. Santino Ferrucci, from America, is the work mate of Arjun who will carry out the same job with him.

After Naren Karthikeyan and Karun Chandhok, Arjun Maini is the third Indian racer who have made it to an F1 team, however, not as a full-time driver yet. But, despite entering in the 5th race of GP3 last year, he stood at the 10th spot, which had shown Arjun’s excellence on the track. For the second consecutive time, the Indian racer will continue to compete at the 2017 GP3 in association with Jenzer Motorsport, along with the duty for Haas.

A big hand behind the increasing achievements of Arjun is of former F1 driver Karun Chandhok who have been tutoring him since last three years. Karun showed right paths to Arjun at several times and helped him to make appropriate decisions.

The 2017 GP3 could be the stepping stone for Arjun to reach main events of the Formula 1 racing as the team’s lead driver. When asked about his entry in the F1 team, the racer showed cheerfulness regarding the new start and said he is excited to know everything about the functioning of Formula 1 team and he would apply his knowledge of GP3 in the same.

The 19 years old Arjun might find Haas, the team which entered the F1 world last year, as a great helping hand to conquer his dreams of racing on the Formula 1 track. Meanwhile, in this season, Haas is standing on 7th position in the F1 constructor’s championship , while 4 of the 20 races have taken place.



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