The 5-day trip consists of 25 participants and the winner avails trip to Australia.

True Wanderer’s yet another season has been flagged off by the Wrangler, a company which organises this trip every year. Having started at the brand’s exclusive stores across India, the trip is supposed to last for another five days and the participants will be tackling the challenges thrown by the company.

After five successful seasons, this is the sixth edition of True Wanderers and Wrangler has, from all over India, selected 25 contestants for the same. While being on this adventure, the participants have to stay adorned by the outfit provided by the organisers and all the other sponsorship has been provided to them.

The route and other instructions have been provided by Wrangler officials which are needed to be followed, however, the type of vehicle is left for contestants to choose. For deciding the winner, the travellers will have to acquire highest votes and the best scores from the judges. These fulfillments will result in an award of a trip to Australia, expenses for which will be handled by Wrangler. Runner-up won’t be disappointed either since a Bali and Sikkim trip is also present on the prize list.


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