While a scarce positive response is being witnessed from buyers towards electric vehicles, Ampere Vehicles took a big leap towards the growth of this segment. Acquiring a bunch of funds from the government and becoming the first to do so, the company launched home-grown electric vehicle chargers for two and three-wheelers in India. Appreciating the government’s vision to make all the engines emission free from 2030, Ampere Vehicles clearly joins in at the path of revolution by moving in this direction.

Apart from two and three wheelers, Ampere vehicles will also provide assistance to the OEMs. Although, the competition and hurdles in fetching enormous buyers for this machines look unending now, at the price from Rs. 1,750 to 3,250, the company might strike the hammer at the right place in coming days.

Some of the major cities of India such as Nagpur, Mumbai, Coimbatore, Varanasi, Ahmedabad and Vadodara have responded pleasingly towards the idea of electrically-driven vehicles. Due to this, the company CEO is anticipating an increasing attention from a bigger crowd, despite the present unenthusiastic scenario.

India is a budget conscious nation and keeping this in mind, the company CEO suggested some brilliant moves that can be executed to curtail the cost of this future technology. According to her, the government must make these vehicles tax free and also, the import and export taxes on lithium batteries should get relaxation. Moreover, she suggests to build special lanes on the road for these vehicles and, few industrial and IT areas of major cities should adopt the policy of emission-free vehicles. The CEO claims that 50 percent replacement of combustion vehicles by the EVs will be hugely beneficial to the society.

As of now, Ampere Vehicles have exempted four-wheelers and vehicles with Li-ion batteries from these chargers but, the positive acceptability from the masses may make them work for this as well.



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