Gone are those days when it was needed to add oil with petrol into the fuel tank of 2-stroke off-road bikes. All thanks to KTM who have invented the fuel injection technology for its enduro 2-stroke machines and the real-life models are finally unveiled.

The KTM 250 EXC TPI and 300 EXC TPI are the two motorcycles which have been built consisting this fuel injection system in their 2-stroke motors. As for the type of the bikes, both are competitive off-road machines designed and installed to gulp down all types of terrain including boulders, gravel, mud, sand and the likes.

Digging deep into the technology, the engine section of the bikes consist of Engine management system and ECU which play the role of identifying the ignition timing and fuel injection with the help of sensors. The steel frame straps the oil filler cap and pipe to the fuel tank goes from inside the frame. Cylinder, air filter box, oil pump and fuel tank are also on the list of all new components.

All these intellect and efforts of the KTM boffins have resulted in smoother throttle response from the motor along with fuel efficiency being improved. An official of KTM has shown exhilaration regarding the new technology and said that the brand is dedicated to continuously revolutionise their products. Notably, this is the first such invention in the field motorcycle and since KTM is completely involved in off-road motorsports, this could be highly advantageous for them.



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