A physically challenged person has two options. Either he can sit on the couch and keep scolding the destiny or move from the place and hunt for something to give life a meaning. The second option has been adopted by a group of few differently abled people from Chennai, India, who have set an inspirational epitome of will, determination and yearn for life.

Named as Maa Ula, a two-wheeler cab service venture was started by Balaji, who is physically-challenged himself, and was later supported by Mohammad Gadaffi. Mohammad was the one to give this idea a name which means differently-abled for the word ‘Maa’ and journey for ‘Ula’ in the Tamil language. Which comes out to be a journey with differently abled.

The whole idea of this out-of-the-box business came by Balaji’s teacher who would get a lift from Balaji and suggested him to turn it out into a profession. Started with Rs. 12000 monthly earning initially, joining of Mohammad Gadaffi made the concept rise to a certain level that the strength of people working for this service kept on increasing by the day.

Came into existing in January 2015, Maa Ula has now 11 members working under this name. Each of them ends up filling their pockets with Rs.15000 by the end of the month, excluding the expenses of petrol. Contrary to the daunting customer search in the early days, now, Maa Ula is used by several travellers and has become exceptionally famous in the city.

Despite all these endeavour achievements already, the Maa Ula team has no intentions to stop here since they are looking to tie up with a group of software engineers for having prepared an application for their start up.

Complaints, depression, sadness and feeling of being unprivileged all comes within the mind of a person which has no connectivity with the ability to do something. Longing to aspire a motive is all it takes to bring a revolution similar to Balaji and his team who, despite being less fortunate to be physically normal, have set an example for people who scold their destiny.



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