The boffins at the R&D department of the iconic cruiser bikemaker Harley-Davidson have been asked to pull up their socks for a better future of the company. In the coming decade, the American manufacturer will refresh the whole lineup of its motorcycles and, the major focus could be expected on Electric Motorcycles if indications are to be taken by the words of Bill Davidson, the Vice president and great-grandson of the company founder William A Davidson.

In an interview with media, Bill reminded of the LiveWire, the electric motorcycle concept by the company, and said it is ‘alive and well’. However, he also showed concern about the character of the future electric bikes which should be similar to conventional bikes from the company. In terms of ‘sound, performance and feel’, the upcoming bikes will be similar to that of gasoline driven motorcycles from Harley, which is the main aspiration of the manufacturers.

The current electric bike from Harley-Davidson, Project LiveWire, is powered by 7kWh battery which helps the liquid cooled motor run, delivering the power of 55 kW and torque of 70 Nm. As reported, 100 new machines will be unveiled over the coming decade by the leisure bikemaker.


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