When you buy a new motorcycle, you cannot stop grinning from ear to ear. And, a day comes when you plan to purchase a new bike or need some money for handling other expenses, you just end up selling it. Have you ever thought, why don’t we sell our son or family companions when they get too old or we get bored of them? Some may be doing that but I am not talking about a few heartless human being. I am addressing to the ones who truly love their family. And, we never sell our loved ones.

Why do that with a motorcycle? It may sound quite childish and unreal, but let me put it into perspective. Giving birth to a child is not too much of an achievement but upbringing takes real efforts where you need to teach your son or daughter every basic of living a meaningful life. In the same way, buying a motorcycle is alright, but keeping it new-like always takes a real enthusiast and a lot of consisting caring towards it.

If your motorcycle has completed many years of your ownership and still takes you everywhere unreluctantly, then it certainly means you have put days of money and caring towards it. And, with full coordination, your motorcycle has given you the fruitful outcome by being in the condition as it was on the very first day of arrival.

After you both have gone through all this, a rapport is built between you two. Years of attention and affection towards it forces you to assume it as a human being rather than just a machine-made result of human invention. So ultimately, when you are trading it for a bunch of money, you aren’t just granting the possession of your motorcycle to a stranger, you are giving away all the care, enthusiasm and beautiful journey of your bike with you.

If you are a true motorcycle fanatic, you will surely relate to these words and find it worth enough to embrace your motorcycle till its last day of ignition. And that, even after you get a new machine which is more modern and efficient.


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