A newly emerging trend always has its roots somewhere in the past when it had slowly disappeared and arises again with a modern touch. But, a few of them newer really discontinue, just their popularity keeps witnessing dips and crests. Such is the nature of motorcycle sidecar which is rarely seen these days but maybe it’s reacquiring the liking again. It became evident by the report of sidecar manufacturer Watsonian Squire of the UK which has almost doubled its production, owing to its rising demand.

The previous year, where the company’s record of exporting the stuff was 30% of its production, this year the number has risen to 55%, which was not noticed lately. The sales director of the organisation gave the credit for this growth to their ‘technical expertise’ and said that their prime focus remains on fitting the kit safely and securely for the customers..

As for the compatibility, the sidecar can be easily installed on any motorcycle provided that the frame must be of steel type. Well, this is the most commonly used chassis type which comes in any economical bikes as well. The capacity of the car starts with 300 litres which can either be used for transporting material or for carrying an extra passenger. Fitment of the kit is also not a task as it can be done by the user itself, apart from the factory.




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