Motorcycling is slowly being taken over by women these days and it was long ago when we would come across a rider being on hundreds of kilometre ride to be only a man. Among other brands, Harley-Davidson is one such leisure bikemaker which has attracted a wide number of women and the Ladies Of Harley club of India is one epitome of it.

Formed in February 2017, the group of husky women riders is all prepared to shove off on their official ride which is supposed to take place between 26th to 28th May.  Destination will be Dandeli which lies in Karnataka area and there, a resort has been booked for the group to carry out several heart-warming activities.

In all, 50 women riders have finalised to be a part of this journey and have got their gears and panniers ready for the long haul. No doubt the ride will end up in a memorable frame of joyous moments but, Passport to freedom is one planned event which will help ladies to get aware of the importance of safe riding and to gain confidence.




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