After receiving a considerable amount of praises for the Bobber, Triumph is busy working on a new offering yet another T120 based model which is a cruiser. Spied in Spain, near the company’s test facility, the engine seems to be dubbing the Bonneville Bobber’s and the riding posture of the tester conveys that it will be a cruising centric machine. Also, the pictures tell that the motorcycle is production ready by abolishing the wired test equipment kits and raw body panels.

Contrary to the bobber’s large wheelbase, it seems to be a much compact package with lower front travel suspension and heightened handle bars to make it less exhausting to ride. Zooming the picture clearly identifies that it incorporates a 1200cc motor by the badge on the engine area behind riders leg. The protruding smoke pipes are the signals of it being the parallel-twin motor and has the chassis of the Bobber’s with mono shock. The footpegs, as compared to its sibling, is pushed forward and the seat is a split unit and looks comfortable, justifying the purpose of the motorcycle.

The idea behind preparing this T120 based cruiser might the company’s plans to replace the existing America and Speedmaster which the company may be finding dated. Looking at the readiness of the test unit we can estimate that it will come out before the world by the end of this year and official launching might happen in 2018.

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