It’s not been too long that Honda was announced to be largest scooter seller of India and the company showed yet another gem by selling the highest number of 125cc motorcycle, the model being the CB Shine 125. In the month of April, more than 1 lakh units of Honda CB Shine 125 were purchased by customers in India, making it the leader of the segment.

To be precise, 1,00,824 units of the bike were rolled out of the dealerships in the month of April while the figure for the same month last year was 66,691 units. With this commendable performance, the motorcycle has shown five times faster growth as compared to the average rise in sales in this segment of bikes in India.

In the category of 125cc motorcycles, the market share of the CB Shine 125 has reached to 54% which was the result of 15% increase in share every year. The motorcycle was launched in 2006 and since then, as estimated, the bike has managed to fetch more than 55 lakh owners. Due to this huge contribution of CB Shine 125, and Activa as well, Honda is proudly standing at the second position in Indian 2-wheeler market.

Various aspects of the motorcycle are involved for its success. It gives you a satisfying ownership experience with one of the highest mileage in the segment and maintenance-friendly nature. The refined engine and swift ride quality adds to the liking of the bike. In the budget-conscious Indian market, the Honda CB Shine 125 proves to be a great value for money proposition.


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