Meeting with an accident while plying along the road is not unusual, above all, it’s becoming more common these days. Sustaining cuts and fractures are inevitable. However, the loss feels at its peak when while coming across a misfortune on road, we had been carrying a child. That’s the exact time when we feel the necessity of safety on roads.

Taking this into account and paying a keen attention to the road safety aspects, the Philippines government passed a law against carrying a child as a pillion on 2-wheeler. Under this law, if a rider is caught as a victim of carrying a child at the backseat with someone holding or in any condition, a hefty fine will be charged against the rider. A child, if grown enough to rest legs on footpegs, wear a helmet and wrap the arms around the rider, only then he/she is allowed to move on a bike or scooter.

If a rider is caught twice, then the charge second time will be higher than the first. If the rider is witnessed to be violating the law fourth time, he may have to lose his license. Although the new law seems mandatory to be operational, many have raised voices against it saying it is an ‘antipoor’ law. Many of the poor families travel on their 2-wheelers with the whole family since they cannot afford a four wheeler. On the contrary, a government official said that such laws are vital for the safety of everyone.


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