The MotoGP living legend, Valentino Rossi, met with a crash, however not on the track he is known for, rather while doing rounds on the motocross arena. At the Crossodromo Cavallara, the circuit which is as close as 50 km away from his hometown, Valentino crashed while drifting along the muddy track and ended up damaging his chest and abdominal.

It is still not clearly identified whether his condition is serious and how long he need to stay at the hospital. However, the Yamaha Movistar team, for which Rossi competes in MotoGP, reported that the racer is not suffering from any serious fracture and injuries. This still puts the rider’s eligibility in question for the upcoming races of 2017 MotoGP Championship, four races of which are on their way to arrive at Mugello.

Similar instances were witnessed in 2010 when Valentino, before debuting for Ducati at Valencia, sustained severe injuries while practising motocross and had it operated in November of the same year. While going through continuous pain, the rider was on the verge of withdrawing from the 2010 championship.

Now it is a matter to be curious about that whether the doctor returns to the track completely unaffected for this season and hopefully, the injuries do not hinder his performance while racing and he must display a great show.


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