The journey costed Rs. 8.5 lakhs which was his 10 years of savings.


How long can I ride at once or what is the longest distance I have covered on a ride till now? These are the most inevitable questions that would pop up in your mind after knowing what Rohith Upadhyay did. A software engineer from Madhya Pradesh Region, Rohith rode all the way from India to the UK astride his Duke 390. And, as obvious, the ride wasn’t an easy one as Rohit had to face a lot of predicaments while on this exhilarating ride.


The 25,000 km distance which the rider covered is not the only thing which is interesting, rather there’s a list of uncommon factors which the bike fanatic has shared about the journey. The surprisingly long trip costed him an eye watering price as well since it demanded Rohit to shell out Rs. 8.5 lakhs. This might not be a big amount for grand wealthy people out there but for a middle-class corporate employee, it takes a lot of guts to spend years of savings on such trips. The 32-year old Rohit, who belongs to Bhadutola town of Madhya Pradesh, was saving his precious earnings since last 10 years for such an international bike riding fun.

Initially, when he set off, he had to take the Seaway up to Iran where he took his motorcycle off the ship at the Bandar Abbas. Then, the moment his bike’s tyres landed over the ground, he was unstoppable till the Isle of Man, UK. Along the way, several beautiful places were served before Rohit to embrace which included Albania, Bosnia, Slovenia, Italy, Switzerland, France, Portugal, Netherland, Belgium, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland and finally the Isle of Man, England.

Waiting for the rider were many obstacles along the journey which included non-operating stator of the battery for many days and several wires catching fire due to the cirgarette lighter which he had installed on his bike. He manipulated all these situations bravely and kept on heading towards his targeted destination.


Many of you must be wondering what about his job? Fortunately, his humble boss granted him the unpaid leave for the trip which took not less than 90 days to complete. Basically, Rohit wanted to be on a 6 month trip from India to New Zealand which would have demended him to quit his job. However, destiny didn’t wanted him to do this right now and may be he might achieve the endeavour of visiting New Zealand after a while.

With its robustness and reliability, KTM Duke 390 proved a great saddle to be on and covering a 90 day trip is not an easy task for a motorcycle. Rohith’s first bike was an old Bajaj Pulsar 150 which he had bought in Pune after acquisition of his first job. From there, the love for motorcycles went on and he is continuing with the Duke 390. His favourite motorcycle is the Africa Twin, and in India, he thinks his motorcycle is the best in all aspects.

Rohith could be an inspiration for many people who get ravelled with their jobs and daily chores and are unable to take out time for living their dreams. I don’t want to sound impractical, but we must go ahead with our aspirations without thinking too much, atleast for the ones which are feasible at the moment.


Rohit Upadhyay shared his story of ride from India to the UK in an interview with Motorbeam.


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