The Continental GT and Himalayan are confirmed to be available as high capacity models, other prospect bikes are not specified yet.

Power delivery is the factor which keeps away many from buying a Royal Enfield motorcycle even if they love them. The elegant classic design and the screaming motor is not able to accelerate as much as today’s high-tech offerings plying out on road. However, these days might become a history as a company official reported that some of the Royal Enfield bikes will be getting a high capacity motor in coming days.

The highest cc engine which is available in the fleet of RE bikes is 535cc which is strapped on the Continental GT. Now, the company CEO said in a Q&A session that the displacement might go up to 750cc and not more than that. The decided limit for the capacity is due to the demand lying in this category only, as reported by the CEO.

Rewinding some time back we remember that a higher capacity RE Cafe Racer based on the Continental GT was spied while being on testing rounds in Spain. Looking at the readiness of the bike it was evident that it won’t take too long to drop down at dealerships. Apart from the cafe racer, the all-terrain Royal Enfield Himalayan is also confirmed to receive a higher displacement motor which might further increase its ecstasy within the enthusiasts.

The official revelation from the company about this clearly signals that the bigger RE bikes are on their way and, perhaps, might be unveiled at the EICMA 2017 to be held in October. If that happens, India should receive them on its ground at the 2018 Auto Expo.



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