Triumph will take the place of Honda from 2019 and the engine of the Moto2 bikes will be based upon the Street Triple RS.


The coming years might be extremely tied up for the British motorcycle manufacturing company, Triumph since they have been handed over a new work profile. Highly expected from 2019, the company will be the major supplier of engines for the Moto2 Race bikes, a racing series involved in MotoGP. Currently, the Japanese brand Honda is looking after all the duties regarding the engines but, in the offing, Triumph is pulling up its socks to get down into the business.

The company will be catering, in total, to 34 teams which participate in filling the race track of Moto2 Racing Championship. In all, 150 motorcycles competing on behalf of the teams will be fitted with the engines of Triumph. ExternPro, the company which is responsible for supplying and maintaining race bikes engines for the championship, will be mediocre and will receive the final assembly of engines from Triumph.

Regarding the technical specs of the engines, the unit will be completely based on the Triumphs newly launched Street Triple RS. However, necessary alterations will be implemented to suit its racing character. The power figures imposed on the stock bike of 121 BHP and 56 Nm has been lifted up to 131 BHP and 59 Nm. It is rev-happier and fuel injection is increased to make it go quicker. It will also carry FCC slipper clutch, race kit alternator for inertia reduction and new alternator cover. Various other bits will also be race-specifically tweaked for providing the vital flexibility to make changes as per racer’s demands.

Manufacturing facilities of Triumph at the UK and Thailand will together handle the building process of the engines. Both have their share of duties of manufacturing several parts of engine distributed in them. Testing of the engines are yet to commence but the company is all set to provide the designers with the dimensions of the unit for them to start the making of chassis and other shrouds of the race bikes.

We already love the triple-cylinder mills of the triumph for their energetic and reliable performance and seeing them doing the job in MotoGP, from 2019, will be a treat for racing and Triumph fanatics.



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