What’s up my beloved readers!!

Have been away for too long but that was due to a purpose that I would love to share with you all. And in that respect, I would not hesitate to ask you a favour by all means. But before this, let me tell you something to make you aware why I had not been updating any material on this space.

My blog is all about motorcycles and updates of all the chaos happening in the bike world. Besides, I love writing. Resultantly, the combination of love for two wheels and writing makes me scribble down everything I think about this sector and the daily events going on in the same. Frankly, I research the stuff whatever I write and mould it into my words to make it my personal story.

Over the past few months, I have been blankly writing about my favourite topic here regardless of how many readers and like I acquire. And whoever comes down here and reads my crap, I am truly thankful to them. It makes me think that at least there are two or three people, except me. who read what I think. In that case, you people are something I should treasure and the counting does not matter at all.

Coming to the real world and practicality, this is not what I could have continued my whole life. Indeed I am a type of person who doesn’t prefer to put hobbies on the sidelines. Instead, I nourish them and try to make out something good of it. And with that intention, gathering all my enthusiasm, I took this effort of starting a full fledged motorcycle website christened as twowheelsfun.com. Here, I write down all the motorcycle news, scoop, launches, technical blogs and anything related to this niche. However, I don’t it there the way I would do here. Now it’s all close to flawless such as the trueness of the report, proper images and the sensible format of presenting the information.

I don’t know and don’t even care whether you all feel I am capable enough to take this step but if anyone of you thinks I am, I truly appreciate you and will try to walk on the same lines. Those who don’t think I should have done this, I can assure you that one day I’ll change your opinion.

Having said all that, I would like to conclude my part, however, only here. The same stuff about motorcycles is continuously being updated there and that too, in a sort of fun way. So please visit my website Twowheelsfun.com and if you like it even a bit, please do subscribe it.

Of course, all the content which you see on the website has been written by me and the website building and technical wizardry have been taken care of by one of my loving cousin.

P.S. Do not forget to like our facebook page. There are too many interesting things going around there as well.




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