Hero MotoCorp’s Seven Models Withdrawn From List

Among the seven, some may shock you owing to their popularity.


Hero MotoCorp has been one of the best seller of 2-wheelers in India since years. The frugality, reliability and low cost nature of its motorcycles attracted huge number of buyers for decades but, days are not always the same. Time changes and so does the motorcycle industry. Getting striked by this change, Hero has taken the bold step of discontinuing seven of its motorcycles which included a few most liked ones in the past.

The motorcycles which fell in this list are the Passion X Pro, Passion Pro TR, Ignitor, Glamour, Hunk, Karizma R and Karizma ZMR. Yes! You read that right. Even the Karizma siblings have been on the sidelines, maybe for future development. The Karizma twins have been highly admired for being one of the very few versatile performance bikes in India. But, for a few months now, buyers have started turning their heads off the Karizma R and ZMR at the dealerships.

The 125cc Glamour and Ignitor have also failed to show their mettle in the commuter segment. Talking about the Hunk, I personally love the motorcycle. Its bulbous dimensions look preety attractive to the eyes and the motor never disappoints you as well. However, being deprived from the crucial updates has made it to be considered in the discontinuation list. As for the entry-level commuter, buyers still have the option of the Passion Pro i3S which is intensively fuel-efficient and technologically smart.

Somewhere behind this decesion of Hero, the activation of BS IV emission norm is also involved and the company may not be able to handle the manufacturing cost of these mdels while upgrading the older bikes with costlier BS IV engines at the same time.