Triumph To Build Moto2 Bike Engines From 2019

Triumph will take the place of Honda from 2019 and the engine of the Moto2 bikes will be based upon the Street Triple RS.


The coming years might be extremely tied up for the British motorcycle manufacturing company, Triumph since they have been handed over a new work profile. Highly expected from 2019, the company will be the major supplier of engines for the Moto2 Race bikes, a racing series involved in MotoGP. Currently, the Japanese brand Honda is looking after all the duties regarding the engines but, in the offing, Triumph is pulling up its socks to get down into the business.

The company will be catering, in total, to 34 teams which participate in filling the race track of Moto2 Racing Championship. In all, 150 motorcycles competing on behalf of the teams will be fitted with the engines of Triumph. ExternPro, the company which is responsible for supplying and maintaining race bikes engines for the championship, will be mediocre and will receive the final assembly of engines from Triumph.

Regarding the technical specs of the engines, the unit will be completely based on the Triumphs newly launched Street Triple RS. However, necessary alterations will be implemented to suit its racing character. The power figures imposed on the stock bike of 121 BHP and 56 Nm has been lifted up to 131 BHP and 59 Nm. It is rev-happier and fuel injection is increased to make it go quicker. It will also carry FCC slipper clutch, race kit alternator for inertia reduction and new alternator cover. Various other bits will also be race-specifically tweaked for providing the vital flexibility to make changes as per racer’s demands.

Manufacturing facilities of Triumph at the UK and Thailand will together handle the building process of the engines. Both have their share of duties of manufacturing several parts of engine distributed in them. Testing of the engines are yet to commence but the company is all set to provide the designers with the dimensions of the unit for them to start the making of chassis and other shrouds of the race bikes.

We already love the triple-cylinder mills of the triumph for their energetic and reliable performance and seeing them doing the job in MotoGP, from 2019, will be a treat for racing and Triumph fanatics.



JK Tyres and Suzuki To Organise Racing Event For Young Riders in India

JK tyres and Suzuki together are organising a racing event for youngsters which will give them a chance to showcase their riding skills at the national level. The programme consists of races which will accept participants who are youngest riders of the country. Categorised into two parts, the series will include a set of riders between the age of 12-16 years and a group of riders of over 16 years of age.

Among the two categories, the one with elder participants will be a part of Suzuki Gixxer Cup whereas the champion of the younger group will be reaching the selection process of Red Bull Rookie Cup – Road to MotoGP which would be the biggest opportunity for ambitious young racers of India. The selection rounds will be held at four different places across the country which includes Bengaluru, Aizwal, Pune and National Capital Region.

The result of the testing rounds held at these places will be announced on 27th June. Suzuki Gixxer bikes will be provided by the organisers and the top listed contenders will be taken to Coimbatore for the further training of track racing. Along with the fitness test, all the other technical and physical training will be cultivated on the young riders.

For the teenage riders of India who think they have an exceptional riding skill must try their hands once in this event to make sure whether they actually stand out of the crowd.



Valentino Crashed At Motocross Circuit, Presence In 2017 MotoGP Questionable

The MotoGP living legend, Valentino Rossi, met with a crash, however not on the track he is known for, rather while doing rounds on the motocross arena. At the Crossodromo Cavallara, the circuit which is as close as 50 km away from his hometown, Valentino crashed while drifting along the muddy track and ended up damaging his chest and abdominal.

It is still not clearly identified whether his condition is serious and how long he need to stay at the hospital. However, the Yamaha Movistar team, for which Rossi competes in MotoGP, reported that the racer is not suffering from any serious fracture and injuries. This still puts the rider’s eligibility in question for the upcoming races of 2017 MotoGP Championship, four races of which are on their way to arrive at Mugello.

Similar instances were witnessed in 2010 when Valentino, before debuting for Ducati at Valencia, sustained severe injuries while practising motocross and had it operated in November of the same year. While going through continuous pain, the rider was on the verge of withdrawing from the 2010 championship.

Now it is a matter to be curious about that whether the doctor returns to the track completely unaffected for this season and hopefully, the injuries do not hinder his performance while racing and he must display a great show.

Arjun Maini To Be The Third Indian Racer To Enter In Formula 1

After showing commendable performance in GP3 events, Arjun Maini has been inducted as Haas F1 Team’s New Development Driver.


Haas, the latest entrant in Formula 1 racing world, has got its drivers for the development program, one of which is an Indian GP3 racer. Arjun Maini, 19 years old, is the new driver elected to be a part of the company’s development section. The Indian racer has replaced Charles Leclerc and will be putting himself at the task of testing and boosting the quality of Haas’s F1 race car VF 17. Santino Ferrucci, from America, is the work mate of Arjun who will carry out the same job with him.

After Naren Karthikeyan and Karun Chandhok, Arjun Maini is the third Indian racer who have made it to an F1 team, however, not as a full-time driver yet. But, despite entering in the 5th race of GP3 last year, he stood at the 10th spot, which had shown Arjun’s excellence on the track. For the second consecutive time, the Indian racer will continue to compete at the 2017 GP3 in association with Jenzer Motorsport, along with the duty for Haas.

A big hand behind the increasing achievements of Arjun is of former F1 driver Karun Chandhok who have been tutoring him since last three years. Karun showed right paths to Arjun at several times and helped him to make appropriate decisions.

The 2017 GP3 could be the stepping stone for Arjun to reach main events of the Formula 1 racing as the team’s lead driver. When asked about his entry in the F1 team, the racer showed cheerfulness regarding the new start and said he is excited to know everything about the functioning of Formula 1 team and he would apply his knowledge of GP3 in the same.

The 19 years old Arjun might find Haas, the team which entered the F1 world last year, as a great helping hand to conquer his dreams of racing on the Formula 1 track. Meanwhile, in this season, Haas is standing on 7th position in the F1 constructor’s championship , while 4 of the 20 races have taken place.


MotoGp To Feature All-electric Bikes From 2019

From 2019, you might see racing of electric motorcycles which will run at the top speed of over 200 kmph. Yes, it has been officially announced by the spokesperson of Dorna, the company which organises the MotoGP, Moto3 and Moto2 races. It will the MotoGP support class and the bikes will incorporate electric engines to be charged with the help of solar panels. It will be a one-make series and the manufacturer has not been selected yet, however, four firms have already shown interest.

With the top speed 200 kmph, these motorcycles will be competitive to the Moto3 bikes in term of power delivery. Five tracks are on their way to be developed in Europe for these races. The race will comprise of 10 laps and 18 riders will be competing against each other in the race. Contrary to those growling and loud MotoGP bikes, these electric race bikes will be calm with the sound and this might disappoint some of the motorsports lovers.

The growing adoption of electric motors signals towards a future with all electric bikes. Presently, Formula 1 series and Isle of Man TT, both have a series which comprises of electric vehicles. It would be interesting to see the racing action of electrically powered MotoGP bikes, albeit we’ll have to wait till 2019.


Sherco-TVS All Set To Hit Merzouga Rally With This Year’s Rider Line-up

Sherco-TVS Factory Rally Team has announced its rider line-up for this years Merzouga Rally which will be held on 7th May. Riders selected as contending participants are Abdul Waheed Tanveer and Arvind KP from India, Juan Pedrera from Spain and Adrien Metge from France. The 6 stage rally is in its 8th season and is all set to get occupied with a host of furious riders on the rally course.

For the riders who are eyeing to get a chance to showcase their talent at Dakar rally, this event could be the stepping stone for them. It will act as a qualifier for Dakar and the leading riders will proceed at the world’s best rally event. Dakar is the main event for which this rally will be the testing round and will judge the riders technical and physical abilities.

The motorcycles on which the riders will be combating are specifically built eyeing the Dakar. The models are RTR 450 which weigh 135-kg and generate the power of  65.9 PS. Various alterations are made to the cycle parts and underpinnings for the purpose. For better grip on sand, the front suspension has re-tunned rebound and compression settings along with the multi-adjustable rear suspension. Other changes on the engine include high-velocity ports, redesigned camshaft, modified crankshaft and Engine Control Module (ECM) tuned for improvised performance.

The riders about to descend on the course for Sherco-TVS are all experienced in their works and bag various crowns for winning many events in the past. Notably, Abdul Waheed Tanveer is going to debut at this event after winning the last years National Supercross and National Rally championships. Other three riders also have won various national and international events.

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Do Not Miss To Take Part In Hill Climb Racing At Wheels and Waves This Year

Between June 14 to 16, Biarritz, which is a town in France, will become lively with the loud growls of vintage motorcycles since a group of riders will be dragging their bikes atop the hill. Known as Wheels and Waves, the festival is in its sixth year’s version and is calling riders from all over the world to compete in taking their motorcycles over the crest of the hill.

For raising the glory of the event with their presence will be renowned retro and vintage motorcycle brands BMW, Harley-Davidson and Yamaha with their old-school trendy models. Also taking part will be Ronald Sands and Dimitri Costa, backed by Indian motorcycles, who will be showing some action on their custom bikes especially built for the event.

The 5-day vivacious festival doesn’t just entertain the motorcyclists, but also surfers get a chance to show their mesmerising surfing capabilities on their boards. The hill lies on the sea shore and a bunch water activities take place every year. The former surfer, Tom Curren will be the centre of attraction who will be playing some energising music, which is a profession he is pursuing these days.

If all the upcoming drama about to take place at Wheels and Waves enthrals you then you must hurry with the planning to visit. Taking part in the hill racing event should be a quick move owing to the limited entries being accepted, only 64.