It’s tough to be a Journalist for a small town boy

Mistakes, mistakes and mistakes. This becomes a major part of your life when you start the pursuit of becoming a journalist. However, there lies a major difference between the number of mistakes a person does who has been born and brought up in a metro city and the one who hails from a small town. And in many cases, the latter gets extremely frustrated after a certain time span. So frustrated that the only option left is to change the profession.

I am not demotivated or lack courage, but this is a concrete fact which becomes a major part of every person who is struggling with this. Okay, let me be very clear. Journalism involves various duties and in this context, I am focussing on the writing part. You go out, hustle, gather the information. And then, then comes writing, which is, for some out there, is the biggest challenge. So big that it seems as hard as climbing the mount Everest.

People often suggest the novice writer to read, read and read a lot. And when you do so, the flow of writing starts to be seen. However, the story doesn’t end there. You need to be factually hundred percent correct. And when that is also achieved, is the job done? Not yet! Now you got to improve your vocab. Seriously, this is an unending process and there are a huge bunch of people for whom this is like burning cigarette. But for the person mentioned in the title of this article, the cigarette takes years to get lit.

Many times, when you realise that you aren’t fit for this job and need to change, it’s already too late. I mean it feels so stupid changing your profession after spending 2 or 4 years in a job. Then what, people end up doing for the whole life with the same struggle. But I think it doesn’t remain a struggle for the whole life but for the initial days, it is. You might say that every profession is tough in the initial days. In that case, I must tell you, if English isn’t your native language, it takes years to excel in it. And without being an expert in it, you just can’t survive in this territory.




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Over the past few months, I have been blankly writing about my favourite topic here regardless of how many readers and like I acquire. And whoever comes down here and reads my crap, I am truly thankful to them. It makes me think that at least there are two or three people, except me. who read what I think. In that case, you people are something I should treasure and the counting does not matter at all.

Coming to the real world and practicality, this is not what I could have continued my whole life. Indeed I am a type of person who doesn’t prefer to put hobbies on the sidelines. Instead, I nourish them and try to make out something good of it. And with that intention, gathering all my enthusiasm, I took this effort of starting a full fledged motorcycle website christened as Here, I write down all the motorcycle news, scoop, launches, technical blogs and anything related to this niche. However, I don’t it there the way I would do here. Now it’s all close to flawless such as the trueness of the report, proper images and the sensible format of presenting the information.

I don’t know and don’t even care whether you all feel I am capable enough to take this step but if anyone of you thinks I am, I truly appreciate you and will try to walk on the same lines. Those who don’t think I should have done this, I can assure you that one day I’ll change your opinion.

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Royal Enfield Bikes To Receive Higher Displacement Engine

The Continental GT and Himalayan are confirmed to be available as high capacity models, other prospect bikes are not specified yet.

Power delivery is the factor which keeps away many from buying a Royal Enfield motorcycle even if they love them. The elegant classic design and the screaming motor is not able to accelerate as much as today’s high-tech offerings plying out on road. However, these days might become a history as a company official reported that some of the Royal Enfield bikes will be getting a high capacity motor in coming days.

The highest cc engine which is available in the fleet of RE bikes is 535cc which is strapped on the Continental GT. Now, the company CEO said in a Q&A session that the displacement might go up to 750cc and not more than that. The decided limit for the capacity is due to the demand lying in this category only, as reported by the CEO.

Rewinding some time back we remember that a higher capacity RE Cafe Racer based on the Continental GT was spied while being on testing rounds in Spain. Looking at the readiness of the bike it was evident that it won’t take too long to drop down at dealerships. Apart from the cafe racer, the all-terrain Royal Enfield Himalayan is also confirmed to receive a higher displacement motor which might further increase its ecstasy within the enthusiasts.

The official revelation from the company about this clearly signals that the bigger RE bikes are on their way and, perhaps, might be unveiled at the EICMA 2017 to be held in October. If that happens, India should receive them on its ground at the 2018 Auto Expo.


TVS Announces One-make Series For Indian Women Riders

TVS Motors is eyeing to make the Indian women aware and expert in riding motorcycles and with this aspiration, the company has announced its first edition of TVS Women’s One-make series. It is a training academy where the women riders will be trained to ride under the tutoring and supervision of experts.

On 24th May 2017, TVS had conducted a training programme for which 25 women riders were selected from all across India. The session consisted of theory and practical track rounds and concluded with a 3 lap race. At the end, 15 riders were qualified for the further process to be a part of the training academy which will undergo at MMRT (Madras Motor Race Track) in Tamil Nadu.

The whole programme will include training as well as several sessions of track racing for which the participants will be handed over the race-spec Apache RTR 200. The first edition of 2017 TVS Ladies One-make Series will see four races throughout the year.

As mentioned earlier, experts will be cultivating the skills into the participants and they are Jagan Kuman and Harry Sylvester who are TVS racing’s champion riders. From the Rajini Academy of Competitive racing, ex-TVS Racing rider Rajini Krishnan will also be a part of the mentor group with a few other riders from the academy.


Carrying Children On 2-wheelers Banned In Philippines

Meeting with an accident while plying along the road is not unusual, above all, it’s becoming more common these days. Sustaining cuts and fractures are inevitable. However, the loss feels at its peak when while coming across a misfortune on road, we had been carrying a child. That’s the exact time when we feel the necessity of safety on roads.

Taking this into account and paying a keen attention to the road safety aspects, the Philippines government passed a law against carrying a child as a pillion on 2-wheeler. Under this law, if a rider is caught as a victim of carrying a child at the backseat with someone holding or in any condition, a hefty fine will be charged against the rider. A child, if grown enough to rest legs on footpegs, wear a helmet and wrap the arms around the rider, only then he/she is allowed to move on a bike or scooter.

If a rider is caught twice, then the charge second time will be higher than the first. If the rider is witnessed to be violating the law fourth time, he may have to lose his license. Although the new law seems mandatory to be operational, many have raised voices against it saying it is an ‘antipoor’ law. Many of the poor families travel on their 2-wheelers with the whole family since they cannot afford a four wheeler. On the contrary, a government official said that such laws are vital for the safety of everyone.

Honda Sold 1 Lakh Units Of CB Shine 125 In April, Breaks Record!

It’s not been too long that Honda was announced to be largest scooter seller of India and the company showed yet another gem by selling the highest number of 125cc motorcycle, the model being the CB Shine 125. In the month of April, more than 1 lakh units of Honda CB Shine 125 were purchased by customers in India, making it the leader of the segment.

To be precise, 1,00,824 units of the bike were rolled out of the dealerships in the month of April while the figure for the same month last year was 66,691 units. With this commendable performance, the motorcycle has shown five times faster growth as compared to the average rise in sales in this segment of bikes in India.

In the category of 125cc motorcycles, the market share of the CB Shine 125 has reached to 54% which was the result of 15% increase in share every year. The motorcycle was launched in 2006 and since then, as estimated, the bike has managed to fetch more than 55 lakh owners. Due to this huge contribution of CB Shine 125, and Activa as well, Honda is proudly standing at the second position in Indian 2-wheeler market.

Various aspects of the motorcycle are involved for its success. It gives you a satisfying ownership experience with one of the highest mileage in the segment and maintenance-friendly nature. The refined engine and swift ride quality adds to the liking of the bike. In the budget-conscious Indian market, the Honda CB Shine 125 proves to be a great value for money proposition.

Husqvarna Vitpilen and Svartpilen 701 Spotted Testing, Almost Ready

Apart from the buzzing entry level offerings, Husqvarna is also readying the middle-weight siblings, Vitpilen and Svartpilen 701.

Having a strong presence in motorsports, Husqvarna is yet to completely arrive in the consumer market of motorcycles. Revealing the concept models of entry-level mini duos, the Vitpilen and Svartpilen 401, at various Auto shows, the company clearly indicated that these bikes will be the opening stroke for markets of various countries. However, the matter of discussion today is the high-capacity combo, the Vitpilen and Svartpilen 701, test mules of which have been spotted in Spain by MCN.

Husqvarna didn’t hide their efforts on the Vitpilen 701 which is inclined towards the cafe racer pattern but, the scrambler-based Svartpilen 701, by its pictures, made us ecstatically surprised. The former, as can be judged by the spy shots, seems to be ready to hit the stage with its almost ready components. None of the body parts is shrouded with the camouflage or any covering, neither any test equipment is evident for monitoring technical parameters.

On the other hand, the scrambler centric model shows that it might be late in the competition. It shares the base and muscles from its cafe racer sibling, although some parts are replaced to satisfy its versatile purpose. The clip-ons are replaced by the single unit handlebar and the tyres are all-terrain focused spoked wheels. The instrument binnacle looks narrow and upswept while the rear number plate unit is mounted on the sub-frame, contrary to the Vitpilen’s plate placed on the swingarm. Headlamps are awaiting final fitment.

Husqvarna, being a sister company of KTM, shares its engine and chassis with the partner. The Vitpilen 401 and Svartpilen 401 grabbed a lot of attention and admiration when their concept models were unveiled. Launching of these mini siblings might take place by the end of this year, albeit the bigger bikes may be deprived of launching for a few more days.