Five Coolest Scooters To Buy In India

Growing popularity and adaptability of scooters made Indian bikemakers to show a keen seriousness towards this segment. Resultantly, every company started to roll out an economical and easy-to-go moped with the urge to attract the largest number of buyers. Working on various aspects made the scooters of these days more than just a fibre body strapped to an automatic transmission engine running over two wheels. Rather, they now have a lot of fun-factor along with the purpose-filling nature.

Ziwgheels have summed up a list of such top Indian fun scooters out on sale today. let’s give a glance on which are the ones to make it to this list.

Aprilia SR150 Race Edition:


Aprilia had already grabbed a lot of wows by launching a sporty and powerful scooter, the SR 150. Excitement went further when the company changed the gear ratios, adorned it with its MotoGP livery and dropped down as the Race Edition. The 154.8cc engine of the scooter is mated to a continuously varying transmission and, for this edition, the bikemaker shortened the ratios for a crisper throttle response.

It generates power of 10.5 PS and torque of 11.4 Nm which is commendable withing this category. The 0-60 kmph speed comes in minimal 6.8 seconds and the large wheels add to the handling and stability. At the hefty price of Rs. 70,061, the Aprilia SR 150 Race Edition calls for a great enthusiast ride.

TVS Scooty Zest 110:


TVS’s success in India cannot be counted without huge credits given to the Scooty brand. And, after its evolution from ES to Pep, the market value went at a higher level since it was a most ideal machine for teenagers and women. Talking about the latest Zest model, it offers all the adorable and modern features including 19-litre under seat storage capacity and USB charging port for mobile phones. The all-new matte edition boasts of sexier cosmetics with the new matte finish and 3D logo.

Underneath, the Scooty Zest 110 hides a 109.7cc engine which carries you at the power of 8 PS and torque of 8.4 Nm. It is as light as 97 kgs and as claimed by the company, one of the quickest in its segment. It is retailed at Rs. 46,238 and is always on the top priority of Indian buyers.

Honda Dio:


Sleek, light and agile. That’s how Dio is, qualities which have been beaconing a lot of young riders in India. With the same engine of the Honda Activa, which is the most trustable from the company, Dio offers the same aura with modernity. The latest model has been adorned with a strip of linear LED on the handle cowl with the conventional headlamp designed more spread out. The cycle parts are also of good quality which includes Combine Braking System making the anchoring better.

The Honda Dio runs on a 109.9ccc engine which pumps out 7.9 PS of power peaking at 7,000 RPM and 8.9 Nm of torque coming at 5,500 RPM. Fastest, the Dio can go up to 83 kmph and generates sweet low-end torque for overtaking in traffic. It can be bought for Rs. 49,312 and for that money, Dio makes for a gorgeous and stylish offering.

Honda Navi:


Honda Navi, with its short stature riding stance and bike-like looks, is the moped which brought the concept of monkey bike in India. Carrying the same engine as that of the Honda Activa, Navi gives the nearest pleasure of riding a motorcycle with lightness and convenience of a scooter. If you ask about the storage space, the company provides an under seat storage box as an optional accessory. For enhancing the fun, a variety of cool accessories are offered with varied styles including Adventure, Chrome and Colour alterations.

On the bit stingy side is the tank, which is a small 3.6 litres unit, however, the mileage similar to the Activa slightly covers the drawback. Same as Activa, it carries a 109.19cc engine capable of lying out 7.9 PS of power and 8.9 Nm of torque. At the price of Rs. 41,500, Honda Navi can prove an outstanding deal.

Suzuki Access 125:


Suzuki Access 125 goes on the opulent side as compared to the few upper ones and boasts of premium parts including steel body and semi-analog cluster. Front tyres carry the telescopic suspension while the rear has a mono shock unit. Drum brakes do the stopping duties on both ends and a front disc is offered as optional. Ample of parameters are displayed on the instrument cluster and a DC charging socket expands the list of facilities.

As compared to the aforementioned Honda scooters, the engine of the Suzuki Access 125 is gruntier with SOHC 125cc unit which outputs 8.7 PS of power and 10.2 Nm of torque. Recently, Special Edition Access 125 have also been added to the fleet. Pricing of the Suzuki Access 125 starts at Rs. 54,302 and the Special Edition demands a little premium of over Rs. 2000. Holding a storage capacity of 21 litres, Access is one big-daddy scooter which is suitable for all aged commuters.

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JK Tyres and Suzuki To Organise Racing Event For Young Riders in India

JK tyres and Suzuki together are organising a racing event for youngsters which will give them a chance to showcase their riding skills at the national level. The programme consists of races which will accept participants who are youngest riders of the country. Categorised into two parts, the series will include a set of riders between the age of 12-16 years and a group of riders of over 16 years of age.

Among the two categories, the one with elder participants will be a part of Suzuki Gixxer Cup whereas the champion of the younger group will be reaching the selection process of Red Bull Rookie Cup – Road to MotoGP which would be the biggest opportunity for ambitious young racers of India. The selection rounds will be held at four different places across the country which includes Bengaluru, Aizwal, Pune and National Capital Region.

The result of the testing rounds held at these places will be announced on 27th June. Suzuki Gixxer bikes will be provided by the organisers and the top listed contenders will be taken to Coimbatore for the further training of track racing. Along with the fitness test, all the other technical and physical training will be cultivated on the young riders.

For the teenage riders of India who think they have an exceptional riding skill must try their hands once in this event to make sure whether they actually stand out of the crowd.



TVS Announces One-make Series For Indian Women Riders

TVS Motors is eyeing to make the Indian women aware and expert in riding motorcycles and with this aspiration, the company has announced its first edition of TVS Women’s One-make series. It is a training academy where the women riders will be trained to ride under the tutoring and supervision of experts.

On 24th May 2017, TVS had conducted a training programme for which 25 women riders were selected from all across India. The session consisted of theory and practical track rounds and concluded with a 3 lap race. At the end, 15 riders were qualified for the further process to be a part of the training academy which will undergo at MMRT (Madras Motor Race Track) in Tamil Nadu.

The whole programme will include training as well as several sessions of track racing for which the participants will be handed over the race-spec Apache RTR 200. The first edition of 2017 TVS Ladies One-make Series will see four races throughout the year.

As mentioned earlier, experts will be cultivating the skills into the participants and they are Jagan Kuman and Harry Sylvester who are TVS racing’s champion riders. From the Rajini Academy of Competitive racing, ex-TVS Racing rider Rajini Krishnan will also be a part of the mentor group with a few other riders from the academy.


Triumph’s Retro Lineup Adorned With New Shades

Bikes to have received the new colours are Bobber, Bonneville T120, Thruxton siblings and Street Twin.


The classic lineup of Triumph motorcycle fleet has gone through an overhaul, however not at the mechanics and specs but for the shades. Every offering, starting from the latest entrant Bobber to heritage Bonneville T120, all the old-school motorcycles have been dipped in containers of new colours. Older ones have been replaced by new and fresh shades.


The Bobber based on Bonneville has been adorned with Cranberry Red and Frozen Silver whereas, for Bonneville T120, older shades including Jet Black, Pure White and Cinder Red will be exchanged by Aluminum Silver, Competition Green and Fusion White.

Moving on to the cafe racer twins, the Thruxton has received a new Korosi Red colour replacing the Pure White and Thruxton R model has been altered to Crystal White and Jet Black in place of Diablo Red. Finally, the Street Twin will now be available in Crystal White instead of the older Phantom Black. New Decals are also an additional aura to the bike.


Changing colours might be a minor tweak but it will surely generate an excitement within the Triumph lovers. Afterall, shades are the first thing which enthrals us towards motorcycles, handling and power come later.


Carrying Children On 2-wheelers Banned In Philippines

Meeting with an accident while plying along the road is not unusual, above all, it’s becoming more common these days. Sustaining cuts and fractures are inevitable. However, the loss feels at its peak when while coming across a misfortune on road, we had been carrying a child. That’s the exact time when we feel the necessity of safety on roads.

Taking this into account and paying a keen attention to the road safety aspects, the Philippines government passed a law against carrying a child as a pillion on 2-wheeler. Under this law, if a rider is caught as a victim of carrying a child at the backseat with someone holding or in any condition, a hefty fine will be charged against the rider. A child, if grown enough to rest legs on footpegs, wear a helmet and wrap the arms around the rider, only then he/she is allowed to move on a bike or scooter.

If a rider is caught twice, then the charge second time will be higher than the first. If the rider is witnessed to be violating the law fourth time, he may have to lose his license. Although the new law seems mandatory to be operational, many have raised voices against it saying it is an ‘antipoor’ law. Many of the poor families travel on their 2-wheelers with the whole family since they cannot afford a four wheeler. On the contrary, a government official said that such laws are vital for the safety of everyone.

Valentino Crashed At Motocross Circuit, Presence In 2017 MotoGP Questionable

The MotoGP living legend, Valentino Rossi, met with a crash, however not on the track he is known for, rather while doing rounds on the motocross arena. At the Crossodromo Cavallara, the circuit which is as close as 50 km away from his hometown, Valentino crashed while drifting along the muddy track and ended up damaging his chest and abdominal.

It is still not clearly identified whether his condition is serious and how long he need to stay at the hospital. However, the Yamaha Movistar team, for which Rossi competes in MotoGP, reported that the racer is not suffering from any serious fracture and injuries. This still puts the rider’s eligibility in question for the upcoming races of 2017 MotoGP Championship, four races of which are on their way to arrive at Mugello.

Similar instances were witnessed in 2010 when Valentino, before debuting for Ducati at Valencia, sustained severe injuries while practising motocross and had it operated in November of the same year. While going through continuous pain, the rider was on the verge of withdrawing from the 2010 championship.

Now it is a matter to be curious about that whether the doctor returns to the track completely unaffected for this season and hopefully, the injuries do not hinder his performance while racing and he must display a great show.

Honda Sold 1 Lakh Units Of CB Shine 125 In April, Breaks Record!

It’s not been too long that Honda was announced to be largest scooter seller of India and the company showed yet another gem by selling the highest number of 125cc motorcycle, the model being the CB Shine 125. In the month of April, more than 1 lakh units of Honda CB Shine 125 were purchased by customers in India, making it the leader of the segment.

To be precise, 1,00,824 units of the bike were rolled out of the dealerships in the month of April while the figure for the same month last year was 66,691 units. With this commendable performance, the motorcycle has shown five times faster growth as compared to the average rise in sales in this segment of bikes in India.

In the category of 125cc motorcycles, the market share of the CB Shine 125 has reached to 54% which was the result of 15% increase in share every year. The motorcycle was launched in 2006 and since then, as estimated, the bike has managed to fetch more than 55 lakh owners. Due to this huge contribution of CB Shine 125, and Activa as well, Honda is proudly standing at the second position in Indian 2-wheeler market.

Various aspects of the motorcycle are involved for its success. It gives you a satisfying ownership experience with one of the highest mileage in the segment and maintenance-friendly nature. The refined engine and swift ride quality adds to the liking of the bike. In the budget-conscious Indian market, the Honda CB Shine 125 proves to be a great value for money proposition.